Trail of Healthy Fish on the Muscau Bend

Distance 22.8 km
Duration 1:00 h
Difficulty average
The trail of healthy fish on Łuk Mużakowa (the Muscau Bend) is a complex of fish ponds, made on the sites of the former mining pits. Betonówka, Cegielniany, Cielmowski, Gajówka, Długi, Grobla, Góry, Kopalniany, Księżycowy, Kołkowy, Pałacowy, Parkowy, Polny, Tarcza, Złota Płetwa - these are the names of some ponds. The most interesting is definitely the Kołkowy pond located between Tuplice and Cielmów where there are tree trunks of a fallen forest sticking out of the water. The mining pits received their names as a result of the water colour and their shapes - flumes, jumbles and basins. There are over 20 large mining pits, and much more of the smaller ones.
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