Field games are a perfect way of getting to know the natural and cultural values of the given area. Finding places of interest, taking a stroll in beautiful scenery and solving puzzles can be exciting not only for the youngest explorers, but a great way of spending time for whole families. Uncovering the secrets of the given region together will be a fantastic experience. 

West is the Best mobile app offers around 70 quests allowing tourists to get to know the most interesting places, sites and objects of North-Western Poland. The quests were prepared by 12 partner organisations for whom the app was developed. The field games can be enjoyed not only by tourists, but also by local citizens who can use them to rediscover the places they know so well. 

The puzzles and riddles in the app are designed to pique the user’s interest, and also present the given site or object in an enticing way. The app has a great selection of unique and captivating text riddles, quizzes and puzzles. 

Download West is the Best app and follow the quests for a great time with the secrets and mysteries of North-Western Poland!