Trail in the Pyrzycko-Stargardzka Plain and Wełtyńska Plain

Distance 58.6 km
Duration 4:00 h
Difficulty easy
A yellow trail in Równina Pyrzycko-Stargardzka (Pyrzycko-Stargardzka Plain) offers the area in the west and south of Pyrzyce , and also a part of Równina Wełtyńska (Wełtyńska Plain). The agricultural landscape is predominant, there are few forests, only 1km of the whole trail runs through Swochowo. On the trail there are two lakes which are not the largest, but by Babin Lake there are preserved two early medieval hill forts, and in the south of Czarnowo there are remains of the tower of a robber knight. Forestless open space helps to have a clear vision of the vast landscapes up the horizon, far in the north surrounded by the hills of Puszcza Bukowa. Also, old stone churches, palaces and parks from the 19th century can be admired. It is proven that in the 18th century there still existed megalithic tombs among the fields of Swochowo and Nieborowo.
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Pyrzyce-Stargard Plain

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