Southern Trail of Dolice (yellow)

Distance 40.3 km
Duration 3:00 h
Difficulty average
The trail runs through cropland and meadows between the Ina River and the Płonia River. It is an eastern edge of Równina Pyrzycka (Pyrzycka Plain), along with the border Choszczeńskie Lake District. On the way there is Sądów, Dobropole Pyrzyckie, Warszyn, vast fields between Przywodzie and Pomietowo, and finally Moskorzyn - these are old medieval villages, with historical churches, palaces and parks. Also, the history lovers can find something interesting. Although, you need to divert from the main route, it is only 2 km at the utmost. Then you can come across Slavic forts among swamps or two megalithic tombs situated only 1 km of the trail, between Przywodzie and Pomietowo.
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Pyrzyce-Stargard Plain

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